About Ladies in Waiting

Trust • Companionship • Care

Ladies In Waiting is family run business, which is based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire and has operated successfully for over 12 years. During this time Ladies In Waiting has expanded it's delivery of 3* Excellent care service to all the surrounding areas of Ilkley, and currently provides services for over 100 clients.

Ladies In Waiting currently employs 44 members of staff from Ilkley and surrounding areas (these would include Bingley, Skipton, Baildon, Otley, Guisley etc). The age range of our staff members is from 38 through to 72, with the vast percentage of our ladies being in their late 40’s to 50’s. As a result Ladies In Waiting has a mature, consistently dependable, flexible, and level-headed workforce.

Organisational Structure

Mr D Crabtree - Director
Mr A Crabtree – Registered Manager - Director
Mrs Anne Longfellow - Care Co-ordinator Manager
Mrs Caroline Taylor - Office Administrator

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To promote the physical, social and psychological well being of the clients.
  • To protect and maintain client privacy and autonomy.
  • To promote and deliver high standards of care.
  • To provide assistance wherever there is a need, across the full range of the adult age group, colour and creed.
  • To provide levels of care, as required, within the client’s own home, providing employment for our staff. We are committed to running Ladies in waiting as a sound and profitable business.
  • To accomplish these objectives we are committed to training and developing all staff to have understanding skills and competencies to carry out their roles successfully and happily.

Ladies in Waiting provide this service in the Ilkley and surrounding areas including Burley in Wharfedale, Burley Woodhead, Menston, Otley, Addingham, Bradley, Skipton and surrounding areas. Our delivery of care or companionship depends on staffing levels and your requirements at the time. Every effort will be made to deliver a request in these areas. Requests for care outside these areas will be assessed on an individual basis.

The care staff at Ladies in Waiting are mainly female, this is solely due to demand rather than design, and all act as care workers rather than nurses, we do not deliver nursing care. They all have varied experience in care, ranging from nursing qualifications, NVQ training and general experience in the care sector.

This service is for adults only; we do not intend to deliver care to any client under the age of 18, or with acute/ severe mental health problems. We can deliver care on a short or long term basis, for post- operative care or to convalesce.

Ladies in Waiting strive to be dependable and reliable, to arrive at the specified time and work for the full amount of time allocated or until the required tasks are completed.

If a care worker does not arrive, then contact the office and every effort will be made to arrange for an alternative member of the staff to attend immediately unless the service is purely a social/domestic call in which case, alternative arrangements will be made at the convenience of the client. There is always one member of the management team available to deal with emergencies.

A member of the management team interviews applicants applying for employment within Ladies in Waiting, references are applied for and a Criminal Records Bureau check is carried out. Carers are not able to start work until two satisfactory references had been received written or verbal.

Staff are required to complete an application form, health form, enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check and CRB disclosure declaration form. All applicants are also required to have a ISA First Check.

Ladies in Waiting are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always on the same phone number which is 01943 817082. We would ask you to ring between the hours of 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday, unless it is an emergency.

Prior to delivering care to a new client, all prospective clients are assessed in his or her own home, by a member of the management team. Their current situation, needs, wishes and requirements would be talked through with the prospective client and often a member of their family or close friend.

A risk assessment, care plan and falls assessment (if the client had sustained a fall within the last year) would be completed, covering potential risks to the client and to the care worker. This risk assessment would cover personal care, physical abilities, feeding and diet, cognition and general behaviour.

This information would be studied by management, who would decide whether we could provide the required level and amount of care by staff qualified to do so for the length of time needed.

If we felt we could competently commit to providing the required service, then the information relevant to the care of the client would be documented in a care plan along with our complaints procedure, which would be duplicated, so that one copy would be safely stored with Ladies in Waiting and the second copy would be at the client’s own home, accessible to the client and their family and the allocated member/s of staff could adhere to this and make a report after each visit.

Therefore the client and their family are kept fully informed about the care the client is receiving. This care plan may be reviewed annually, or when necessary, if the client’s requirements change for example.

Clients or their relatives/representatives (with permission of the client) are able to see their personal files kept at Ladies in Waiting in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. These files may be reviewed as part of the inspection and regulation process of the Commission for Social Care Inspection.

Clients are free to arrange a personal visit with management to discuss any changes they may wish to make or any queries or concerns they may have.

Ladies in Waiting strive to be flexible; we would aim to install any alterations as quickly as possible. Questionnaires are sent out on a regular basis to fill in anonymously if desired so that we can actively strive to deliver a high quality of care by acting on any concerns or compliments received.

Ladies in Waiting has effected a Public and Employers Liability insurance policy to indemnify against costs incurred in respect of proven acts for which Ladies in Waiting can be held liable for in law.

Two copies of the Terms and Conditions would be issued to the client for them to sign, or whoever was acting on their behalf. One copy would be sent back to Ladies in Waiting and stored in their file. To see an example of out Terms and Conditions of Service please contact Ladies in Waiting.

All our policies and procedures are held at the Ladies in Waiting office, and are available for anyone to read.

Ladies in Waiting encourage our clients and their families to discuss any queries or concerns with the management, without hesitation, so therefore we can strive to provide a high level of care which enhances and compliments our client’s individual needs.